5 Reasons to travel to London this Spring

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I have always dreamed of a British invasion of a different kind. That being: a London sightseeing trip of the most epic proportions. Seeing the uber famous sights in a whirlwind only paused for sips of tea and a shopping spree at Harrods is one of my dream vacations.

# 1 Reason to visit London in Spring: SIGHTSEEING. It’s a photographer’s dream.

St, George’s Cathedral where Prince Harry & Meghan Markle will be married!

# 2 Reason to visit London in spring: History, Culture, Art, Nightlife. It’s a town truly for the culture-seeking wanderlust in us all.

Their motto should be, ‘Come for the history and museums, stay for the nightlife and shopping’. I imagine St. Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, all viewed whilst sipping a tea from my gloved hands riding the red double-decker bus. But this upcoming royal wedding of the decade has me daydreaming about a different type of London fairytale. (See my latest pinboard "Daydream Destinations: London for more)                          

# 3 Reason to visit London in spring: To attend a royal wedding perhaps? Oh, haven’t you heard? Prince Harry is getting married in May.

What do you imagine when you think of a springtime wedding in London?

How about white wildflowers strewn across a valley with a 200-year-old castle with a drawbridge on a hill in the distance; or maybe a candlelit secret garden-inspired wedding, with wedding party candid photos from Tower Bridge. Whatever the daydream, this city will have you pining to see this already romantic city from the rose-colored glasses of the hopelessly in love, even if you don’t have an invitation to the royal wedding.


# 4 Reason to visit London in spring: Harry Potter Fans, Unite.  



My lovely niece went on her honeymoon to London last year after her beautiful Fall wedding in Atlanta and they just gushed over their exciting adventures. Both she and her husband were huge Harry Potter fans, and they got to visit the Warner Brother Studio Tour that recreated the magic of the movies. From Northumberland castle to Reptile house at London Zoo, the city is filled with locations from the world of Harry Potter. I’m not even a fan, of the Potter series, but after binge-watching Downton Abbey and The Queen last year, (another shout out to NETFLIX) I’m bumping a tour of the British castle’s from many epic films and TV on the list as a must-do.

# 5 Reason to visit London in spring: THE SHOPPING  

Whether looking for the perfect gift or update your wardrobe, shopping in London has it’s own culture.  Some of the most classic brands that have been around for decades still remain. If you like to miss your shopping with your drama and you missed the Selfridges series on Netflix, you need to catch up. The series followed the century old brand from its modest beginnings as a family owned and operated department store and it is an ICON in London. It is the second largest shop in the UK after Harrods, and they still remain open. Want a different experience while visiting? They have a personal shopping service, complete with a secret, luxurious suite and consultants for “new and discerning customers” available on an appointment only basis. Get advice on updating your wardrobe, and channel your inner Grace Jones. How very British!

Shopping for souvenirs is always a fun part of a vacation for me since I try to explore the city as the locals would. I like to take my time and buy thoughtful gifts that really represent the interests of the person I’m shopping for.  My niece did exactly that when she brought me back one of my most treasured gifts! Ace!


This is the queen’s 90th Birthday teacup set from a shop called William Edward, I believe. There’s something about tradition steeped in Earl Grey or Chamomile that makes you drink out of this exquisite cup with your pinkie finger up.  (I’m pinning a photo to my Destination: London board, as soon as I’m done.)

There you have it! 5 MORE reasons to visit London this Spring. Cheerio!

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