A Springtime Wedding In London

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I know what you’re thinking… it’s not even January, yet and she’s already fantasizing about springtime? Well, I enjoy winter as much as most of us wanderlust Mid-Westerners, but you’ve got to cut me some slack, and I’ll explain why.


After a busy holiday weekend hanging out with the kids we have admittedly been under a rock at the Cherry household. (We kicked off the holiday break by maxing out our TV threshold, and I’m not proud, but I’m not apologizing either.  Let’s just say Disney and Sprout and Happy Kids TV were worth their subscription fees this week, thanks, ROKU! We turned the kiddos on to all our holiday movie favorites, circa 1980’s and they obliged as long as we kept the TV binge coming, they didn’t complain (too much) Did you know there is a Casper the Ghost, Christmas special??! Sorry, I digress… back to thoughts of BUTTERFLIES, BERRIES, and fields of poppies…..

  So imagine my wonder and surprise when after getting the tribe off to school this morning, (THANK THE HEAVENS FOR ALL THE TEACHER ANGELS)  less two twinning toddler boys, of course,  I finally had control of the remote and watched my favorite morning show.

  I was too thrilled to learn about the PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN MARKLE engagement!****!!!*** My heart be still, what a modern day fairytale!! Now, I am pretty celebrity neutral and don’t get all fan crazy about regular people with jobs that put them in the spotlight. But you will come to learn about me, that I am a romantic at heart and personally, I LOVE a great love story. (Did you see her in SUITS? Wait, please tell me you have watched all 7 glorious seasons?? Yes! No??  < Note to self: find a way to talk about Suits in my travel blog>)

 Their story HAS all the sappy, sweet, juicy, made-for-tv snapback that makes you want to curl up with a faux fur blanket and cry. Seriously, how can you not love those two! He….the tall, handsome, gentlemanly military hero, and SHE, a brains meets beauty character, straight out of, well, yes... Hollywood.  Everyone knows his backstory, but she comes from more humble beginnings was like a socially conscious even as an 11-year-old, (you have to just google that one and catch up, people or you will be reading this all day) with working-class parents; her mother, a social worker, her dad, a TV lighting director.  


 So how does a California born Northwestern grad with a Masters in Social Work meet a British Prince 5th in line for the crown? ON A BLIND DATE, of…… course! I mean, you can’t make this stuff up! Doesn’t this sound like a Christmas Hallmark movie?


Ok, so in all seriousness, really the intriguing part to me is that they both seem to be grounded, authentic young people who both share a love for humanitarian work, and more importantly, a love for each other, no matter what the haters and love-displacers have to say…so KUDOS to them.


Anyway, so they made the BIG announcement and now we’re all pining away for details on the next BIG royal wedding. I love Prince Phillip and Kate and those 2 cutie pie babies of theirs, but I’ve got a feeling that Americans are going to FLIP over Prince Harry & soon to be Dutchess Meghan!  

 To my fellow pinners, I guess we’ve got a spring wedding to plan!

  As the media scramble for any bit of details they can, it is being reported that the dress designers are hoping for a shot at creating the most anticipated wedding dress of the decade! I hope for their sake they are looking at country estates at this moment to avoid the fanfare and get to take in the true beauty of their nuptials.

So maybe I’m smitten with this couple because my husband and I are approaching our 15th anniversary this May. We’ve talked about a celebration to renew our vows because our 3 girls hate the fact that they didn’t get "invited" to our wedding. (Try to explain to an 11, 8 and 6-year old, with a long and short story that ends with the same idea; “…but you weren’t even BORN yet!” and somehow the concept still gets lost on them.) 

  Perhaps, the excitement of a May wedding takes me back all those years when a love-struck young lady was swept off her feet by another beloved and handsome prince. 

I couldn't help but ponder, just maybe this May, the new Duchess and the royal Prince won't' be the only ones celebrating in London!


(P.S. So that was waaaaaaaayyy too long, I realize I was on a rant now as I come out of my writing bubble. Please oblige me while I get used to hearing myself ‘talk.’)



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