Electronic Accessories Travel Bag Mens Organizer For SD Card USB Cable Digital Device Bag . **FREE USB CAR CHARGER**

  • $30.95
  • Save $17

  • ELIMINATE THE STRESS of tangled up cords and misplaced items. If technology is man's new best friend, then throw in this product and we have a happy little love triangle.

  • EASY to store your phone, laptop, camera and other device chargers, Store SD cards, camera cords, mini tripods and any other necessities inside. SIZE MATTERS: Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 IN

  • CONVENIENT See-through mesh pockets and organizers keep cords, jump drive, chargers and other accessories organized with room to spare

  • PERFECT GIFT ORGANIZER for holiday or business travel. Made from a lightweight nylon fabric that fits easily into carry-on luggage. Access the cord or accessory you need and get through security in record time!
  • BONUS GIFT-** FREE Portable USB Car Charger*** Toss it in the bag for your trip